12 October 2013

Fantastic Fungi

We had a fantastic fungi day on the 29th of September with Ali Murfitt at Vogrie Country Park.  What an incredible location really close to the City – and we didn’t even know it existed!  There were over 20 types of mushrooms found with 5 edible varieties.

We cooked our foraged feast of wild mushrooms in garlic butter and served them with some amazing cured ham from IJ Mellis and a fried egg – so tasty and (mostly) free!

What a lovely way to spend a day – a great bunch of people, an incredibly knowledgeable fungi expert, lots of sunshine, a beautiful backdrop and some tasty sandwiches – can’t wait for the next one!

Giant Polypore & ForagersOrange Peel MushroomInk Cap Mushroom Picture Small 2