Edinburgh Larder Café

Launched in 2009, The Edinburgh Larder Café has built a solid reputation as being the place to eat seasonal, locally sourced and tasty food in the heart of the city. We’re not shy to mention that we’re well known for our legendary brunch too!

Our regular favourites include a mighty full breakfast, veggie breakfast, eggs benedict or smoked cod, chorizo and potato hash with a poached egg. We also love lighter options like a buttery breakfast bap or our porridge cooked to order with a selection of seasonal toppings and toasted nuts. All to be enjoyed with expertly crafted coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.

We make our coffee with love and care using beans roasted locally. Our teas are blended by Edinburgh based Eteaket.  We have a range of Scottish craft beer and delicious local soft drinks too.

Our staff all love to bake, so seasonal cakes are a speciality of ours. Our dark chocolate and nut brownies are regularly hailed as the best in town and are always gluten free – though you would never know!

The Edinburgh Larder Café can be hired as a private venue – contact us to find out more.


Edinburgh Larder Café Menu

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Edinburgh Larder Café Menu

Breakfast Menu available until 3pm

Full breakfast £12.95 (no substitutions)
with Ramsay of Carluke smoked back bacon, black pudding, Cumberland sausage, roasted flat mushroom, blistered cherry tomatoes, potato scone, homemade beans, poached egg, & buttered granary toast. 

Veggie breakfast £11.95 (no substitutions)
with roasted flat mushroom, blistered cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach, potato scone, veggie haggis, homemade beans, poached egg & buttered granary toast. 

Vegan breakfast £11.95 (no substitutions)
with roasted flat mushroom, blistered cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach, potato scone, veggie haggis, homemade beans & granary toast drizzled with olive oil.

Hash £13.95
Potato, curly kale, horseradish, lemon, capers, spring onion & soft herbs, topped with Belhaven hot smoked salmon served with a poached egg & hollandaise

Buttery Bap £5.50 (1 filling) extra fillings £1.50 each
bacon, sausage, black pudding, veggie haggis, flat mushroom, wilted spinach, homemade beans, fried egg, Mull cheddar.

Eggs Benedict £10.25
with poached eggs, Ramsay’s smoked bacon, granary toast & hollandaise.

Eggs Royale £10.95
with poached eggs, Belhaven cold smoked salmon, granary toast & hollandaise.

Eggs Florentine £9.50
with poached eggs, wilted spinach, granary toast & hollandaise. 

Porridge £4.95
made with milk & a pinch of salt, topped with Yester farm crème fraiche, spiced apple compote & crushed ginger biscuit
(non-dairy milks also available)

Taste of Scotland Plate £15.95
with Belhaven cold smoked & hot smoked salmon, Ramsay’s honey roast ham, celeriac & apple remoulade, scottish cheeses, beetroot chutney, mini oatcakes, buttered granary bread, todays salad, mixed leaves dressed with vinaigrette & topped with toasted seeds.

Toasted jalapeno & cheese stuffed focaccia £9.95
Pickled jalapeno, spring onion & chive mixed with Yester Farm cream cheese spread onto a rosemary focaccia with apple smoked Kintyre & Isle of Mull cheddar.
Add bacon for an extra £1

Honey roast ham, celeriac & apple remoulade sandwich £9.95
Ramsay of Carluke cured ham and creamy remoulade
on buttered Germagrain bread with mixed leave

All sandwiches are served with mixed leaves & today’s salad

Soup £5.50
today’s soup with buttered granary bread

Soup & today’s salad £7.50
Ask your server for today’s salad

Soup & ½ Sandwich/ Focaccia £9.95

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added onto all tables.
* our food is made in an environment that handles nuts, please alert staff of any dietary requirements,

** vegan sandwiches available on request

Lunch Menu served 12-3pm

Taste of Scotland Plate £14.95 (available from 12pm)
with Belhaven cold smoked salmon & hot smoked salmon, smoked trout pate, broccoli coleslaw, Clava organic brie, Kintyre applesmoked cheddar, caramelized onion chutney, mini oatcakes, buttered granary bread, todays salad, mixed leaves dressed with vinaigrette & topped with toasted seeds.

Ham & Cheese Toastie £8.95 (available from 12pm)
Ramsay’s Honey roast ham & Swiss cheese, cornichon & tarragon mayo in a buttered granary bread & toasted till golden.

Broccoli Coleslaw & Hummus Wrap £7.95 (available from 12pm)
shredded broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lightly pickled, red apple & hazelnuts bound with a little mayo, with hummus & spinach and wrapped in a warm flatbread.

Soup £5.50 (available from 12pm)
today’s soup with buttered granary bread

Soup & today’s salad £7.50 (available from 12pm)
Check the board for todays salad

Soup & ½ Sandwich £9.95 (available from 12pm)
today’s soup & either a wrap or toastie.

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added onto all tables.
* our food is made in an environment that handles nuts, please alert staff of any dietary requirements,

** vegan sandwiches available on request

Kids All Day Breakfast Menu

Poached/fried egg on toast £3.95
Any additional toppings £1.50 each

Mini porridge with honey or strawberries £3.95

Bacon or sausage breakfast roll £3.95

Any additional fillings £1.50 each

Kids Lunch Menu (from 12pm)

Mini soup & bread £3.95

Veggie wrap £3.95

Bacon sandwich £3.95

Grilled cheese sandwich £3.95

Available from 11am

Larder cocktails brought you by the team…

We’ve put a lot of thought and care into developing a cocktail menu which we hope you’ll love. The list celebrates great Scottish drinks producers whilst honouring the multi-cultural diversity of our team.

Linking our menu to the heritage of each of our front of house members, the list is very personal to our business, with many family recipes used along the way. We hope you enjoy tasting these as much as we have!

Please note, we do not have an extensive bar so can only serve drinks from the menu.

The Caffeinated Russian £8.95
A lighter, chocolatey, espresso infused take on the classic White Russian.
Cross Brew coffee liqueur (Edinburgh), Blackwood’s Vodka (Shetlands), Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur, Chocolate Bitters, Milk and espresso.
Created by Tom

Pirlo £8.00
A very gently sparkling spritz from Brescia, Lombardi.
Campari, White Wine, Sparkling water.
Created by Diego

Marquisette £8.00
A take on a French classic, this is Ninon’s secret family recipe.
Homemade Limoncello, Prosecco, Sparkling water.
Created by Ninon

Edinburgh Seaside Gin and Tonic, Perfect Serve £6.50
Made from marine plants with notes of coriander and cardamom.
Served in a chilled glass with Samphire, Juniper Berries and Lemon.
Created by Ewan

Jack the Ripper £8.75
A vegan rum sour made using local rum and garnished with chilli bitters.
Sweetdram Smoked spiced rum, Aquafaba and chilli bitters.
Created by Jack – who doesn’t work here anymore but remains a Larder friend.

Larder Punch £8.25
A seasonal favourite, the apple juice is sourced from Laprig Valley
Laprig Valley Apple Juice, Blackwood’s vodka (Shetlands), Prosecco.
Created by Steph

Lunch Menu served 12-3pm

Classic Cocktails

Mimosa £5.95
Orange juice and prosecco, using our own freshly squeezed orange juice.

Bloody Mary £8.25
Vodka and tomato juice, made with our own secret recipe of spices, how spicy do you like yours?
Blackwood’s Vodka (Shetlands), tomato juice, bitters and spices.
Go big or go home….. Make it chilli vodka .50p extra

Red Snapper £8.25
Edinburgh Food Social Winter Gin with tomato juice
and our own secret recipe of spices.

Virgin Mary £4.95
Still quite spicy!
Created by Edita

Available from 11am

Wine Menu



Fontessa Prosecco Brut 11.5% Perfect aperitif – Zesty fresh £4.95/£26
Zesty fresh citrus and green apple. V

Fontessa Prosecco Brut Rosé 11.5% Bright – Berries – Bubbles £26
Fresh and delicately fruity with ripe strawberry and raspberry flavours and a refreshing finish. V

Crémant de Limoux Laurens 12% Sophisticated – Delicate – Delicious £40
A perfect Champagne-alternative, bright, crisp and citrussy, with a hint of yeasty savouriness bringing a complexity and sophistication.



VilleMarin Blanc, Languedoc, France 11.5% Delicate – Refreshing – Citrus £4.25/£7.95/£22
The everyday-drinking wine of a Picpoul producer on the sunny South coast of France, made the alternative Terret Blanc grape.

Vinho Verde Villa Nova, Portugal 11.5% Zippy – Floral – Crisp £24
If you want something light & crisp with zippy freshness, then look no further.
Full of white stone fruit and floral flavours.

Viognier Adobe Reserva, Chile 13.5% Apricots – Honeysuckle – Rich & Round £4.75/£8.25/£24
A weighty white with hints of blossom, apricots, nectarines and, of course, peaches.
Organic too. V

Sauvignon Blanc The Cloud Factory, NZ 12.5% Citrus – Tropical – Herbaceous £26
Classic Marlborough Sauvignon – sappy fresh, clean and delicious.

Chardonnay Genetie Borgogne, France 13.5% Rich – Rounded – Classy £35
This stylish white Burgundy has elegance and finesse, with just a touch of creamy French oak.

Riesling Rag & Bone, Eden Valley, Australia 12.5% Zingy – Fresh – Lime £35
Singing with natural acidity and vibrant citrus and floral characters,
an outstanding example of cool climate Aussie Riesling.



Les Oliviers Rosé, France 12% Pale – Dry – Raspberry £22
Pale salmon pink with tangy berry flavours from a Southern French Grenache Cinsault blend.



Chianti Uggiano, Italy 13% Cherry – Spice – Summer Sipping £4.25/£7.95/£22
One of Italy’s most popular wines for a reason – very drinkable summer sipping with cherry and bramble fruit, lightly oaky notes and a touch of spice.

Malbec Le Perdrix Solitaire, France 13% Red fruit – Smooth – Moreish £4.95/£8.50/£25
Perhaps the best know examples are from Argentina, however Malbec originates from France.
This moreish example from the Languedoc has red-fruit flavours backed by a touch of chocolate truffle richness.

Pinot Noir Adobe Reserva, Chile 13.5% Light – Elegant – Strawberries £25
Fresh strawberries and subtle notes of spice and a touch of minerality from Organic vineyards in Chile, known for producing great value very drinkable wines.

Monastrell Galeam, Spain 13.5% Big – Dark – Juicy £27
Spain does Organic really well and this is no exception. Full-bodied but fresh and juicy, with ripe blackcurrant and plum, savoury notes and hints of black pepper.

Valpolicella Classico Ripasso Montigoli, Italy 13.5% Intense – Complex – Rich £35
Lucious and richly-textured with full-on ripe cherry and bramble fruit with spice and supple tannins.

Bordeaux Blend Le Riche, South Africa 14.5% Sumptuous – Stylish – Stellenbosch £39
Hugely appealing with juicy mouth-filling flavours of red berries, plums and smoky hints balanced with a fine, soft tannic structure and rounded finish.

Sweet & Fortified

50ml Glass

Fino Sherry Fernando de Castilla 15% Bone dry – Tangy – Nutty £4.50
Just the perfect aperitif from one of the finest sherry bodegas.
Bone dry, aristocratic and very poised.

Domaine de Grangeneuve Monbazillac, France 12.5% Luscious – Honey – Marmalade £4.75
Sweet and luscious with marmalade and nectarine flavours.
The French drink as this as an aperitif, also delicious with blue cheese.

Krohn Tawny Port 20% Nutty – Rich – Baked fruits £4.50
Sweet and smooth with rich baked red fruits backed by a nutty character.

Beer Menu

Paolozzi Helles Lager, 5.2% – 330ml £5.25
Lager. That most taken for granted, everyday of beers is actually one of the most complex from a brewing perspective, and given due care and imagination really can be sublime.
Brewed with 100% barley malt, ‘munichised’ water, and, most importantly, given a proper lagering (cold conditioning) period for 5-6 weeks following fermentation, this 5.2% abv Munich helles style lager beer has a perfect bitter-sweet balance and fabulously sparkling appearance. Not pasteurised this lager, so it’s extra fresh and keeps its natural fullness of flavour.

Z.E.E.P. Mediterranean Pale, 3.5% – 330ml £4.95
Zero Energy Experimental Pile: an easy-drinking but distinctive 3.5% abv pale ale. Lemon peel and rosemary compliment the hop bitterness with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour.
Eduardo Paolozzi created ‘Zero Energy Experimental Pile’ between 1969 and 1970, named after a nuclear reactor.
The impact isn’t devastating, but our ‘Z.E.E.P.’ packs a punch while requiring little effort to enjoy.

Moonstrips Smoky Wheat, 5% – 330ml £5.25
‘Moonstrips’ takes its name from Eduardo Paolozzi’s 1967 screenprint portfolio ‘Moonstrips Empire News’. The beer’s recipe was inspired by David Bowie’s ‘Starman’, so we were drawn to the evocatively spacy ‘Moonstrips’ name.
Moonstrips has a ‘hazy, cosmic jive’. Typical of a German-style Hefeweizen, the look is a hazy golden-orange and the nose is a decidedly wheaty-banana. But rising through the wheatiness
is a complex, rich smokiness reminiscent of an Islay whisky.
The taste is crisp and creamy, as sweet banana notes are undercut by the subtle peated smokiness. A satisfying thirst quencher, it pairs well with seafood and antipasti.

Thistly Cross – Whisky Cast Cider, 6.7% – 330ml £4.95
The perfect marriage between Scottish methods and Scotland’s favourite craft cider. They use Glen Moray distillery casks to give their cider it’s warming notes of Oak Vanilla and Honey.


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