All about our seasonal eating

We believe that eating with the seasons is the best way for our food to taste really special. It’s good for the environment, the economy and the belly! It’s not a difficult thing to do but it does mean that we operate our kitchen a little bit differently to most places.

Scotland has the most incredible natural larder of seasonal ingredients. It’s true that they’re a bit thin on the ground in Winter but that just makes life more interesting! We forage and harvest as much as we can in the Spring, Summer and Autumn – then pickle and preserve every day to keep the exciting ingredients going for as long as we can.

There is such a wonderful range of talented artisan producers and suppliers in Scotland. There isn’t much we can’t source on our doorstep so why would we choose to buy food from anywhere else? We regularly visit our suppliers to talk to them about what they do which means we have a better understanding of their business and it gives the team a great day out and some lovely stories to tell our customers. They’re always on the look out for ways they can improve their products and ranges – and there’s new producers springing up all the time so it keeps us busy and happy!

Some of our suppliers websites are available on our supplier page – feel free to have a browse and let us know if you need any further information. We also run foraging courses throughout the year so you can share our love of Scotland’s wild foods – keep an eye out on our events page, facebook and twitter for further details.

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