Social Enterprise – Edinburgh Food Social

The team behind Edinburgh Larder set up a social enterprise in 2015 which aims to make local food more accessible by working with schools and communities to develop cooking skills. You can find out more about the social enterprise on their website and Facebook page where you’ll also find details of the exciting food workshops and events run by Edinburgh Food Social as well as their seasonal gin.

Edinburgh Food Social Aims

Edinburgh Food Social aims to bring the benefits of using local food into schools and communities across Edinburgh by taking a food truck around the city and beyond to showcase what can be done with local food, all year round. We believe that everyone in Scotland deserves to have access to the great produce we have on our doorstep and the means to cook with it if they want to.

We hope to inspire children to cook with local produce and become involved in planning the menus in their schools. The team hope to help people of all ages and backgrounds develop their cooking skills and create nutritionally balanced meals using local, seasonal food.

Edinburgh Food Social Mission

To enhance and extend life through food, building confidence and enriching communities.

Edinburgh Food Social Goals

  • Enhance lives and improve health through learning about food.
  • Build confidence by giving people the skills and resources to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Provide safe places for community meals and food events.
  • Nourish people by providing easier access to sources of good food.
  • Inspire young people and offer a supported and respected career path into the hospitality industry.